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Cancer Lab Testing Improvements


Mary T. Showed Cancer Lab Testing Improvements


The past few months since November, my husband spent lots of time in the hospital and he then passed away on February 18th of this year, so my stress level has been very high. I got labs drawn the end of March 2016 and expected the worse with all of the stress I have had, but was glad to see even a slight improvement in a couple of the numbers. I think if my life had been stress-free, I may have seen a much greater improvement.

A friend of mine, who first drew my attention to John Ellis Water, has now purchased a machine and is giving me the water. I want you to know how grateful I am that you gave me that start that I needed, though, and will always keep you updated on my progress. Also if my friend can't supply me for any reason, you would definitely be my next choice.

-Mary T.