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Emphysema Improvements

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Rick P. COPD (Emphysema) Improvements


Thank you for the water I have used it for two days already.  I have COPD (emphysema).  For the last year and a half I have really gone downhill.  Along with this I have sleep apnea, and I sleep with a hydrated bi-pap machine with constant air flow throughout the night.  I am not able to walk 50 feet without breaking out into a sweat and being extremely short of breath. I still work, but you can imagine the troubles I have. 

I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1991 and find my contentment in him along with my expectations. I have a friend that told me about this water, so I research it, and I decided to try some of it. When I got your water I drank about a 4oz glass two times a day, and I used it as water in my bi-pap machine.  The machine is like a nebulizer, all night long. As I said I've only had your water for two days, and I am not as short of breath as I was.  I am able to carry heavy weight 150 yards without the stopping and getting shortness of breath.  Is it the water? I don't know but the Lord does.  I have many other health issues I will monitor as I continue with the water. I hope this finds you encouraged in the Lord as I am.  Perhaps now I can once again become active in his creation as nature is my passion.

-Rick P.

1 Comment