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Healed Red Eyes

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Kathryn H. and Husband Cured Red Eyes, Itching, Severe Allergies, and Plaque Buildup


My husband Joachim and I have been using John Ellis water for years now. We started using the John Ellis Shungite water as soon as it was made available.  We used the LWM-5 water before that and the LWM-4 water before that.  We bought a special four-gallon glass water container that holds a mixture of filtered water and the John Ellis LWM-5 Shungite water.  This is how we provide drinking water for our entire family. 

4 Gallon Container for Family

My husband faithfully replenishes the water using the recommended ratio of 1 ounce of John Ellis Shungite distilled energized water per gallon of filtered water. We use this mixed water in our protein shakes every morning, and in every drink that we make.  Anyone who drinks the water immediately says how good the water tastes and always asks where we get it from

Joachim keeps a dropper bottle of the pure John Ellis Shungite water, and he uses it for many purposes.  Every night he puts a drop of the John Ellis Shungite water directly onto a mold or a wart, and after a while they shrink and fall off.  Sometimes we get redness in our eyes or itching because of pollen and dust.  Before bed we put a drop of the John Ellis Shungite water in each eye, and our eyes are clear by morning. For a severe allergy it takes us two days for us to cure it using John Ellis Shungite water. 

Joachim always had problems with tooth plaque.  He puts a little John Ellis Shungite water on a floss stick before flossing between each tooth after brushing his teeth, and he no longer gets plaque on his teeth.  John Ellis Shungite water can also be used to heal many kinds of skin irritations over time by consistently putting a drop of the water directly on the irritation once a day.

We have so much energy and are very healthy ever since we started drinking the John Ellis Shungite water.  We never go without it!  We like to buy the John Ellis Shungite water from because they use a very good filtering process, and we can always taste how pure the water is.  This water will always be the only drinking water our family uses.  Thank you so much!

-Joachim and Kathryn H.

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