Our eleven-month-old Golden Doodle got hit by a van after chasing a squirrel into the road.  When my wife brought him home I carried him off the back of a truck and into our house.  I laid him down on a mat, and he was struggling to breathe.  I appeared like he had a pneumothorax (fluid in the lungs) which can cause you to suffocate to death.  I told my wife we needed to get him to the animal hospital ASAP.  After getting there they immediately took the dog for x-rays.

Diagnosis:  Our Golden Doodle had a 10%-20% chance of surviving, and he was in the ICU in critical condition for two days while he was at the animal hospital.  He had lung contusions, fluid surrounding the lungs, internal bleeding, liver/spleen damage, a ten-inch huge open gash under his right front leg (muscle was showing through the open gash), possible bone fractures, a large open wound on his head, swelling in his right front leg, and scrapes under his back-left leg.

The doctors told us that our dog was not a candidate for surgery due to the lung contusions when we brought him in initially.  If they gave him anesthesia there was a chance he might not be able to breathe on his own.  The two days our dog was at the animal hospital they ran a bunch of tests, monitored his oxygen levels and overall health.  They gave him morphine, pain medication, and a drug to stop internal bleeding.  The first night they had him hooked up to oxygen.  The next morning when they tried to remove him off the oxygen machine, and his oxygen levels decreased so much they had to hook him back up to it.  At the end of the second day I decided to bring the dog home and treat him myself.  The vets said there was a chance he might die if I took him home, and they did not agree with my decision.  They said to do hydrotherapy three times per day on all the open wounds to encourage tissue growth and healing, give antibiotics two times per day, and give pain killers as needed.  If he struggled to breath they said to bring him to an emergency animal hospital ASAP.

I decided to not give pain killers or the antibiotics to our dog since his liver was still healing from the initial trauma.  I did not want to give our dog anything which could cause more liver damage.  I decided it was ok to leave the dog in some pain if that meant he had a better chance to live.  I gave him the homeopathic Surge HP three times per day to take away the shock, reduce pain, and clear the fluid surrounding the lungs.  I treated all the open wounds with hydrotherapy once per day, and used Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, and John Ellis Water inside the open wounds to promote tissue re-growth, and to keep the wounds clean and sterile.  I also gave our Golden Doodle John Ellis LWM-5 Shungite Healing Water to drink in the morning and at night for the five days we kept him at home.

After five days, we took our dog back to the animal hospital, and the vets performed an additional two x-rays on his chest to verify his lungs here clear of fluid.  They came back and said he was a candidate to get his wounds stitched up.  They were impressed with the amount of tissue re-growth, and how much his lungs had improved in five days.  The improvement in five days was supposed to take three to four weeks.  I attribute this to the John Ellis Water, Homeopathy, and the Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol.  Since he has been home he has been going for walks on a leash, and is so happy to be alive and with his family!

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-Robert A.