I have been drinking this wonderful water for four years now.  All my animals drink it too, and it makes such a difference on their coat.  It makes their coat very shinny and soft.  I also gave John Ellis water to my chickens, and I noticed they were bigger than my friend's chickens. The chickens were bought at the same time from the same group of chickens.

I can't wait to make my own garden too, and start using the energized water to grow fruits and vegetables.  I have more energy and my skin looks so much better.  I use the restroom more frequently, and the energized water helps me to eliminate the toxins in my body. It really does make such a big difference. I tell a lot my friends about the healing effects of the water, and some of them are skeptical but that is their loss.  My advice would be to keep and open mind and try it!

-Lucie H.