There have been a couple of positive things using the John Ellis water that have impacted my health and food preparation I would like to share in this testimonial.

I have a lot of aches and pains in my body and joints.  There was recently a four-day period where the joint pain was unbearable and moving about was very difficult.  All I could do is wait for the John Ellis energized water to arrive.  It came on the fourth day I was in pain, and I opened the box and immediately pored a half cup of this life water in my glass and drank it quickly.  Drinking the energized water took some initial pain away after a couple minutes, and most of the aches and pains in my joints was gone the following morning after a good night of rest. The best way I can describe this feeling is the following - “It felt like someone had taken out all my bones and just threw them back into my body in no particular order.”

Now that I was finally pain free I decided to see what affect the John Ellis life water would have on my food.  I mixed some John Ellis water with purified water in a bowl for washing fruits and vegetables.  After washing the vegetables in the John Ellis water the greens immediately came to life.  I was so excited I decided to wash some fruit.  The fruit also gained some new life from the gnats that were destroying it.  Then it occurred to me that the life water had no bacteria, viruses, or pathogens - IT IS PURE, AND LIFE GIVING TO MY FRUITS AND VEGGIES!

Now I cook with John Ellis water and drink it all the time, and I feel totally GREAT!

-Sarah C.